I went to the pet store.

I went to get a pet.

Ask me.

Ask me, what pet I went to get.

Did you get a rabbit? Will he hop about the house?

             I did not get a rabbit.

Did you get a mouse ?

              A mouse?  Who sleeps inside a box?  I did not get a mouse.

Did you go to get a fox?

              A fox?  Oh no, a fox just wouldn’t do. I did not get a fox.

Did you get a kangaroo?  

                 A cat?  A dog?

                             A  goldfish?

                                     A monkey or a pig?

No. This pet I went to get is very, VERY big.

           An elephant?  A tiger?

                           A hippo or a bear?

No.  Look. Can you see her?

She is standing over there.


The pet I went to get 

and take home from the store.

The best pet I can get. 

A great—big DINOSAUR!








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