Animals Up On The Bed

parrot-34246_1280Eighty-four animals sleep up on my bed.

At first there were only one or two–

but the numbers somehow spread.

sea-33880_1280Two Persian cats, three golden labs,

a single blue-winged Macaw.llama-48379_1280

Seven llamas, thirteen goats, one gray seal from Ottawa.

Four tiger cubs nestled deep between the sheets

a pair of three-toes sloths hanging underneath.sloth-576521_1280

On the headboard  twelve gulls nest, six lions lazily yawn.

Down at the footboard, a white-tailed deer coddles a newborn fawn.deer-48419_1280

snake-145409_1280Five snakes hide in the crumpled spread. A proud eagle guards eat post.
The eagles flew in – don’t ask me how – straight from the Barbary Coast.

Ten turtles lumber, eight gazelles leap, each in the hope of finding a spot.kangaroo baby in pouch
It’s best to avoid the porcupine – over there – close by a sleek ocelot.

Last, but not least, there’s a mom kangaroo
with a joey tucked deep in her pouch.

You know – to get a good night’s sleep ‘round here- you best go sleep on the couch.


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