ICL Read Aloud Story Contest


Winner of the ICL Read Aloud Story Contest 2013
stick figure boy flying on a  balloon


“Nope,” said Charley.

“I still need more.”


Five. Six. Seven
Inflated balloons
Would Charley have lift off?
Would he float to the moon?

A few more balloons.
A blink of the eyes.
Then Charley McFee started to rise.

Slowly at first,
a hint of a lift,
balloons and Charley soon were adrift
over light posts,
and several tall trees,
where mockingbirds sang in the afternoon breeze.


Up! Up soared the boy
into snow-white cloud cover.
“Charley! ‘you hear me?”
“Come down! Now!” yelled his mother.

That very moment
one balloon burst with a POP!
Poor Charley McFee. He started to drop.

Out of the clouds.
Under light posts and trees.
stick figure boy flying on a  balloonPOP!

Charley touched down in a pile of leaves.

He brushed off his pants,
flashed a smile to his mother,
Next time, he thought, I’ll send up my brother!


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