Publications and Prizes


Gage, M. Elizabeth.”A Kansas Badger in the White House.” Boys’ Quest. Vol. 20 Issue 01. April 2014.

Gage, M. Elizabeth. “Palindrome Lookout.” “Boys’ Quest. August 2015.

Gage. M. Elizabeth. “The Great Northeast Compost Challenge.” Green Prints. TBA.


Run Away Home.  YA.   Contemporary Literary Fiction.

              Sometimes home isn’t what your’e running from. Sometimes home is what you’re running to.

One and a Half Million Pennies: A Mississippi Remembering.   MG.  Non-fiction.

      The True Story of the Unknown Child Holocaust Memorial in Hernando, MS.



“Charley McFee.” Winner. Institute of Children’s Literature. 2014 FB Read Aloud Story Contest.

“Amare’s Spiders.”  Winner. Madison County Writers Guild. 2012 Guild Choice Awards: Open Readings and Critiques.


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